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The 5-Day Healthy Habit Challenge


Are you struggling to balance it all?


Do you have goals, but you feel overwhelmed in life?


Do you have health goals but you never achieve them?


The time is now!


Get access to my top resources and  amazing Guide to live the healthiest life possible.




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You deserve to have a complete master guide on how to make it easy to:


  • Start moving everyday
  • Recognize  what are your strengths 
  • Recognize what are your weakneses 
  • Thrive in life


Get access to a 5 Day Daily Habit Challenge


I’m ready to get started! 




About Your Health Coach


My Story

 I am a medical Doctor from Argentina that after many years of practice and just giving a temporary solution to my patient’s problems I wanted to change the way I approached their problems and start providing a preventive medicine. 

I started studying a Masters in Nutrition at Columbia University and while studying I became a vegetarian.  
My health was good but later after a French influence of a friend I ate many different cheeses and became very sick.
I had many skin allergies, new food allergies, hormonal changes, terrible bloating and digestion, low energy, depression and gained a lot of weight!​

I needed to do a big change on my habits so I started doing some research and came across Plant Based Nutrition and all its benefits.

As a physician I was disappointed we never had this information provided to us or trained in preventive medicine so I got certified in Plant-Based nutrition and after got my certification as a Health Coach.

While studying I myself became plant based but found out that not a lot of people would be able to do the switch without some help and support. Also I realized that if I was able to teach my client to cook and also taste the food it would be easier to follow the change. 

That is how I started my practice and I not only teach to follow this new lifestyle but also I teach to how to cook different recipes. 
I offer my services through video chat and online and now at my New Office and Holistic center.

You can find here Plant Based nutrition and cooking classes, Also Yoga classes, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Acupuncture and massage therapy.

The Healing is from inside out!

5 Day Daily Habit Challenge

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