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this is not a blend but it is a must have in your spice cabitet. 


What is Smoked Paprika?


Smoked paprika hails from Spain, which is why you’ll also sometimes see it listed as Spanish paprika or Pimentón de la Vera, which translates to paprika of the La Vera. This is a district in Western Spain that is famous for its drying and smoking red peppers over an oak fire, then grinding them. The result of this unique process is a vibrantly red spice that’s deliciously smoky in flavor.


Smoked Paprika vs. Paprika

The main difference between smoked paprika and paprika is that smoked paprika is made from red peppers that are dried and smoked over an oak fire before they’re ground instead of simply being dried and ground. This lends a strong smoky flavor to smoked paprika that isn’t present in paprika. Both smoked paprika and paprika can be made with sweet, mild red peppers or hot, spicy red peppers, which means their difference is much less about heat than it is about smokiness. 


Smoked Paprika

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