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Orange marmalade

Preparation Time : 15 mins Cooking Time : 45 mins Ingredients:

Oranges – 500 grams Sugar – 1 kg Lemon Juice – 3 tblspn Water – 5 cups Method: Wash oranges really well. Cut it in quarters, remove seeds and white membrane. Slice it thinly and set aside. Take oranges in a pot, add in water and bring it to a boil. simmer it and cook till oranges is cooked completely. It will take around 30 mins or so..

Now add sugar in and mix well. boil this and cook for 10 to 15 mins keep stiring this. It will get thick. Now add in lemon juice and mix well. Cool this down and store it in a clean jar. You can store it for 10 to 15 days outside and for more than 4 to 5 months in fridge.

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