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“I can’t think of anything better in the world to be but a vegan.” -Alicia Silverstone

Today I want to give you some tips for your transition to veganism. Some people go

vegan overnight, and they never look back. But for others, a slow change is more


Generally, a healthy appetite for grains, beans, and produce is all you really need to get


If the idea of going vegan feels daunting, start with a couple of small steps, like a

Meatless Monday challenge at home, or switching out one of your daily meals to a

meatless and dairy-free option.

Next, start with the dishes you already know and love. Look at some of your favorite

dinner recipes and think about how you might adapt them to be meatless and/or dairy-

free. It may mean trading the central protein for beans, soy foods, or even a hearty vegetable, like mushrooms.

Be adventurous! You’re likely to come across some unknown foods, don't be afraid to

give them a try. Even if you don’t like them, try them again after you’ve been vegan for a

while. Be open to exploring new ingredients as well as more international dishes.

Avoid replacing everything you currently eat with a meat substitute. These are fine in

moderation but aren’t typically considered as healthy as fresh whole foods.

Make enough for everyone! Once you find a vegan dish you really enjoy, get others to

try it and surprise their palate with a tasty meal without animal by-products.

Finally, find a community. Going vegan can be difficult when friends and family are

constantly bombarding you with questions and even trying to point out flaws in your new


Explore a vegan meetup or potluck in your community to help support you through

your transition.

Ready to go plant based and LOVE every minute of it!?

We offer FREE Consultations and Personalised programs to help you transition into a whole food plant based nutrition in your own time.

Check out our Personalized programs and learn how we can help you

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We have 24 different classes during the year that are fun , easy to learn and very flavorful.

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