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What to eat on Valentine's day and have a great performance!

Everyone that is married, has a partner or is just seeing someone is thinking about Valentine's Day!

You are probably planning this special night in your head and one of the main thing to think about is the restaurant you will go or what you can cook on this special night.

I am sure your have been thinking about a great steakhouse of something that involves some animal products....

I can tell you that if that is in your mind as a man your performance on that special night could be lower than normal.

If you watched the movie The game changers there is a specific study that was performed during the movie where 3 athletes had to wear a ring on their penis to measure night erections depending on the meals they had each night.

During this movie, the first night they ate a burrito that had high quality grass fed meat and on the second night they ate a similar burrito but the meat was swapped with plant based protein.

The study took advantage of a natural function that happens to a man while sleeping , erections.

They counted how many there were during the night, how long they lasted and how firm there was.

The results of the erection during the first and second nights with the different burritos showed incredible differences.

The first image shower the hardness of the erection on each night and the second image showed how many erection and long in lasted the erections.

Participant #1

The bigger the circumference the bigger the erection.

The night he ate the meat burrito the erection was not as hard as the plant based night.

This image shows how many minutes he had an erection during the night.

It clearly shows an increase on the second night when eating the plant based burrito.

Participant #2

Again, the same as the first participant the erection was bigger on the night of the plant based meal.

In this case the there was almost a 500% difference in the amount of erections during the night with the plant based meal.

Participant #3

He had a 13% change in the hardness of the erection with a plant based meal.

The length and amount increased a lot too!

This is not a huge study and it is not validated as Dr. Aaron Spitz said in the movie but it will have a lot of men thinking what to eat when planning a night out with your significant other.....

Think vegan and non processed. You will have a better performance on your Valentines day!!!!!

All the information was taken from the movie "The game Changers"

My intention is to show that when planning your dates, eating plant based is better. Animal products produce inflammation, has high cholesterol , low fiber. Your body has to work harder to digest your meal and use more blood to do that.

I hope it helped!!!

Happy Valentines !!!! XOXO

Now... imagine having a life without animal products....

I know!!!

Imagine what could happen!

  • More energy

  • Feeling lighter

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Better performances in bed

  • Better digestion...

Ready to start making those changes in your life ???

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